Capture full page screenshots with firefox

Ever wanted to capture the entire page you are viewing in firefox instead of just what is shown on your screen? Ever need to do that from a command line? Here are two extensions that let you do just that.

Page Saver

The first extension is called Page Saver and comes in two versions. The pro version you have to pay for but the free version does a good job all by itself. Here is an example of a fullpage screenshot:

Here is an example of a normal screenshot:

I think from a technical standpoint this extension is the better of the two. It seems to perform a little better and doesn’t suffer from any obvious bugs. The pro version doesn’t offer a lot great extras but if you want to save to an FTP/HTTP server or directly to your clipboard then you will probably want to pay for it.


The second extension is ScreenGrab. This is a completely free screen capture extension but doesn’t have as many features as Page Saver and suffers from a few bugs. Here is an example of what you get when you capture a full page:

Hower if you happen to have a popup come up in front of the window while it is being captured you get this:

Here is an example of a normal screenshot:

The popup bug seems minor to me so I would say between the two extensions I would pick ScreenGrab because it is completely free.

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