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Fedora 12 Screenshots and Videos
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Azure CLI and ACR Docker Credential Helper on macOS 12 Monterey
Using Ruby to Send Targeted Email to an Apple Watch
Turn a Raspberry Pi into an iBeacon
Bluetooth 4.0 LE on Raspberry Pi with Bluez 5.x
Direct Browser Uploading – Amazon S3, CORS, FileAPI, XHR2 and Signed PUTs
Embed Ruby in Your iOS Apps Using mruby
Segmenting WebM Video and the MediaSource API
Range Requests with Ajax
Using WebP to Reduce Native iOS App Size
Using the Google Closure Compiler in Java
Google Analytics Dashboard WordPress Plugin Version 2.0 Released
Google OAuth for Installed Apps PHP Example
Java AirPlay Client
Browser Based Push Notifications with Mongrel2 and EventSource
Example Mongrel2 Handler in Ruby
Using Modernizr – Simple Guide and Examples
Example Git pre-receive and post-receive Hooks to Avoid a Signal 13 Error
Getting Started with JRuby Webapps using Rack and Sinatra
Minimal EC2 Linux Install Using TTYLinux
How to Build and Compile a Custom Linux Kernel for EC2
Using a HTTP Proxy to Debug JAX-WS and SOAP Over HTTPS
Converting from VirtualBox or VMWare to EC2 now Easier than Ever
Installing Cent OS 5.5 on EC2 with the Cent OS 5.5 Kernel
Compiling WebM into FFMpeg for Windows
Upgrade to Fedora 13 from Fedora 12
Faceted Search With Sphinx
How to Create iPad Formatted Videos Using HandBrake or FFMpeg
iPad Streaming Video and More
Using Cursors with PHP MySQLi and Multiple Prepared Statements
Spring 3 File Upload Example
Parsing the SXSW Twitter Stream for Fun
Using Daemon-Kit and RobustThread to Build Ruby Daemons
Building HipHop PHP for Fedora 12 on 64 bit and 32 bit Systems
Fedora 12 Bootable Root EBS on EC2
PHP MySQLi and Multiple Prepared Statements
Developing Adobe Air Apps with Linux
Heroku Tips for the Cheap
Building Chromium and Chrome OS with EC2
Upgrade to Fedora 12 from Fedora 11
Full Text Search with Sphinx
How I Used Hpricot and Mechanize in GeeQE
Fast XML parsing with Ruby
RFID Reader USB Prototyping Kit
iPhone Windowed HTTP Live Streaming Server
iPhone Windowed HTTP Live Streaming Using Amazon S3 and Cloudfront Proof of Concept
Streaming Video Between QuickTime Broadcaster and VLC
iPhone HTTP Streaming with FFMpeg and an Open Source Segmenter
Upgrading to Fedora 11 from Fedora 10
10 Tips for BlackBerry Development
How to create iPhone wireframes with Inkscape
BlackBerry screen and icon sizes
Running Lotus Notes 8 on Linux with newer xulrunner
Running Asterisk in the cloud with Amazon EC2
VNC on OS X + Devil's Pie = seamless desktop
Using Ruby and HTTParty to consume web services the easy way
Using scrub to destroy a hard drive
Installing Windows 7 on VirtualBox
How to transfer a Linux image from VirtualBox to Xen
Converting videos (flv,wmv,avi,etc) into a format that will work with the iPhone/iTunes
Automounting Amazon EBS volumes on EC2 instances
SOAP on the Google App Engine platform
4 pet care tips to help you keep your dog happy & healthy
The Search for Timezone Maps
PowerDNS Makes Custom DNS Backends Easy
C# custom SOAP header
FreeRADIUS with Oracle
Spiffing up JFreeChart charts
Upgrading from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9 with yum
Examples of why netcat is still useful
Java GIF Adventure
Upgrading from Fedora 7 to Fedora 8 with yum
Connection timeouts with the Apache commons TelnetClient
10 Tips For Creating Good Looking Diagrams Using Inkscape
How to create a Fedora 7 Instance for EC2
Upgrading from FC6 to Fedora 7 with yum
Lots of new releases this week
Anonymous functions in PHP
EC2 and NAT
Good Presentation on REST with ActiveResource
Howto base64 decode with C/C++ and OpenSSL
Acrobat Reader 7 and FC6
Dynamic DNS with EC2 and ZoneEdit
A lesson in on the limits of administrating your way out of problems: Shared MySQL
Using Oracle Instant Client and SQLPlus
Debian EC2 AMI
Creating your own FC6 instance for EC2
Optaros Open Source Catalogue
Akismet spam graphs with PHP RRD
How to build FlowPlayer from source
Mingruby 0.1.8 released
Using Flash video metadata to display annotations
How to create and use Flash video metadata to add cue-points with flvtool2
How to Create a Streaming Flash Video Player Using Ming PHP or Ruby
Ruby Ming Extension Patch to Add Video Streaming
Creating Flash Videos Using FFMpeg
Building The Ming Ruby Extension
Even Amazon Can Hurt
PHP ImageMagick MagickWand Examples
Using Java to get detailed DNS information
Upgrade to PHP 5.2 and Get JSON For Free
Installing Beryl and The Latest Linux NVidia Drivers
Fun with ANSI escape codes
How to compile ImageMagick for PHP by hand
Fedora Core 6 on a Laptop
Upgrade FC5 to FC6 with yum
DNS Black List Checker
Using fetchmail and procmail for maildir style storage from a pop3 account
Lighty XCache for PHP
How to map URLs with PHP and lighttpd
Xen on a Mac mini
Monitoring Bandwidth Usage for a Xen node
Limiting Bandwidth Usage on Xen Linux Setup
How to get the next date for a weekday using Oracle
Making screencasts with Linux
How to set up different window managers with VNC
5 ImageMagick command line examples part 2
Building firefox and mozilla tools on an AMD64
PHP RRDTool tutorial
Good article on keeping javascript maintainable
5 ImageMagick command line examples – part 1
Interesting alternative to tagging
Tape drives are obsolete
Sun ZFS and some big hardware
Capture full page screenshots with firefox
Virtualization gaining speed
SQL Beautifier
WordPress permalinks with lighttpd (lighty)
Easier scrolling images with Yahoo UI
WordPress 404 with lighttpd (lighty)
Some interesting and useful AJAX/Javascript code
Upgrade FC4 to FC5 with yum
Cleaning up stale rails sessions (removing ruby_sess files)
Creating S3 URLs that expire using PHP
Free geocoding
Search Engine Marketing and Google’s new trending tools
Search Engine Optimization
How to build the PHP rrdtool extension by hand
Converting unix or java timestamps (time since the epoch) to real dates with Oracle
Thread pooling with Java concurrency utilities new (java 1.5) and old (util.concurrent)
Good Techcrunch review of mapping apis
Approximating a circle with a polygon
Using strptime to parse ISO 8601 formated timestamps
Howto base64 encode with C/C++ and OpenSSL
AJAX file upload progress for Java using commons fileupload and prototype
Ruby Oracle DBI ActiveRecord in 7 steps
Credit card type and luhn check in ruby
GIS Geocoding experiments
Smooth scrolling image list
No javascript detection
Fun with Oracle Strings
JDBC + Batch updates + Non-Standard == Oracle