4 pet care tips to help you keep your dog happy & healthy

To keep your dog healthy, you need to address their emotional and physical needs consistently. Your pup will need grooming, nutrition, food, shelter, and water. You also have to take into account your dog’s health. In this article, we explore some of the top pet care tips for your dog to help keep them happy and healthy.

High-Quality Nutrition

Your dog should have high-quality nutrition, whether at home or in pet daycare. You should avoid commercial foods that use meat by-products or fillers. Such additives will cut down the diet’s nutritional value. The food should contain the basic elements of nutrients that a dog needs. That includes carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and water. If you’re taking your pup for pet daycare, you should inform the boarding service of any special diet requirements.

Quality Grooming for Your Dog

Keeping your pup’s coat clean is one of the essential elements of their physical and mental well-being. Depending on their type of coat, their fur will have to be trimmed from time to time for good hygiene. Long coats can irritate your dog, and if their coat is around their face and eyes it can block their line of vision.

You should also ensure you trim their nails to keep them from growing long and uncomfortable. Be careful not to cut the inner part, as this can be painful for your pooch. If you don’t have the time, you can find a local pet care service to assist you with their grooming. For more professional tips visit https://www.petfriendlybox.com/products/purrs-advance-for-cats.

Provide Exercise

Exercise is beneficial for your pup’s physical and psychological health. Without it, your dog may show signs of restlessness like barking, digging, or chewing. It is especially important for 70% of apartment renters’ who own pets to constantly walk their dogs as they may not have a yard where the dog can run around. Different dogs have varying exercise requirements so be sure to talk to your vet about your dog’s exercise needs.

When you take your pup to a pet daycare, ensure they have adequate provision for exercise for the breed. Local dog boarding services can offer playtime and daily walks to keep your pet healthy. It can be a convenient solution when you don’t have time to care for your furry friend.

Visit a Veterinarian

A veterinarian can advise you on different aspects of taking care of your pup. Your pet may need vaccinations, and a professional is in the best position to educate you on what’s required to keep your dog healthy. A veterinarian will evaluate your dog’s health and may provide vaccinations, treatments, and check-ups. They can also give you advice on grooming as well as pet daycare.

Your dog needs routine attention every day in the form of exercise and socialization. However, it can be tricky to give your dog the regular exercise and socialization they need to be happy and healthy. After all, you need to work. Fortunately, pet daycares can provide your dog with the regular exercise they need. To learn more about our pet daycare services, contact Eastern Shore Pet Resort today.

10 thoughts on “4 pet care tips to help you keep your dog happy & healthy

  1. Deepak Mahajan

    Dear Carson,

    Thanks for your tips again, I got update from above server with x86_64. But now while restarting to Fedora 10 it saying VolumeGroup00 could not found. I have HP Xeon with SCSI disks. Please guide.

    It boot’s with privious kernel but fail to login in X with unable to authenticate user.


    Deepak Mahajan

  2. Cliff Stanford

    Have you ever tried hopping over releases? In other words, could I go straight from FC7 to F10? Or do I have to go one step at a time?

    Thanks for a great guide, by the way.


  3. Martinb

    I just did a FC8 to FC10 and it worked after some extra little steps

    I did have some double rpms from old fedora and I did need to remove them first

    I did found the following 2 scripts

    rpm –last -qa | perl -n -e ‘/^(\S+)-\S+-\S+/; print “$&\n” if $SEEN{$1}; $SEEN{$1} ||= $_;’ | sort | uniq >dupes.txt

    and then you can do a

    for i in $(cat dupes.txt); do rpm -e $i && echo $i; done

    After those 2 steps i could do the update without one problem

  4. Cliff Stanford

    Brilliant Martin. Worked well on the i386 machine.

    Problem on an x86_64 was that it tried to remove *both* packages where both the i386 and the x86_64 versions were installed.


  5. Jason Kohles

    You can solve the i386/x86_64 problem with this command to find the dups instead…

    rpm -qa –qf=”%{NAME}.%{ARCH}\n” | sort | uniq -c | awk ‘$1 > 1 { print $2 }’ | egrep -v ‘^(gpg-pubkey|kernel)’ > dupes.txt

  6. Elias

    Thanks for this great set of upgrade posts. I upgraded from FC5->FC6->FC7->FC8 –> FC10 in two days. Had to remove some packages for dependencies resolution. Left the packages out until at FC10. Then reinstalled the removed packages.


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